Factors That May Influence Child Custody

Child custody cases are messy situations. When parents resolve to go to court, it means that they have been unable to reach a common ground in parenting. The legal process can be challenging especially of both parties have solid points in the argument. However, in the end, the court tends to favor the party that has the child’s best interest. Below are some factors that may influence the child’s custody case;

The Child’s preference

The custody decision can be affected by the parental preference of the child. There is no law based on the preferenceof the child. However, the judge may interview the child to know how they feel. They may be less formal with them so that they may feel at ease. Alternatively, they may get a custody evaluator to hear the child out. Such sessions are confidential. They will help the judge to come to a better decision especially if the child is of considerable age. That is 14 years and above.

Quality Of The Child’s Relationships With The Parents

The court also takes into consideration the quality of the relationship that the child in question has with the parents. If a child has a better relationship with one parent, it may influence the court’s decision. Some parents may not want to spend time with their children because of small factors like watching a football match. The judge will look into such matters with great deliberation. Also, if one parent is involved with drugs and criminal records, the other parent will most likely get the custody of the child because the judge’s priority is the child’s best interest.

Mental And Physical Health Of The Parents

Before the judge makes a decision, the mental health of both parents is put into consideration. The parent who is struggling with their mental is unlikely to get custody of the child. The physical health is also a great factor. The parent should be fit enough to meet the needs of their children. If a parent is suffering from a critical condition, their chances are lowered. As much as it might be a hostile decision, the court sees the situation as an impediment to parenting skills.

Financial Stability

Another factor that comes into play is the parents’ ability to provide for their children. The parent who gets the custody should be able to provide for the psychological and developmental needs of the child as well.