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The Longest Rap Sheet Ever Accumulated By A Juvenile

You already know that juveniles commit many crimes. While it is true that some teenagers do not drink beer, smoke marijuana or even take puffs on ordinary cigarettes, other teens go out of their way to dump their emotional problems on others via burglaries, property theft, car theft and even violent crimes.

Although the following rap sheet is fictitious, it is an example of the longest rap sheet a juvenile has ever accumulated. The juvenile depicted in the rap sheet is a male. Here is the rap sheet:

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How To Prevent Teenagers From Engaging In Gang Activity

How To Prevent Teenagers From Engaging In Gang Activity

Increasing Education
Tolerance and education are the two most powerful tools when it comes to getting kids off the streets. By this, I mean the most efficient way to keep teens out of gangs is to combat their ignorance and fantasies with realities. A lot of education has to do with statistics. Most teenagers are lured into gangs because it is a false security blanket. In addition, gangs provide transitory relief and illusionary brotherhood. However, relationships are torn apart by members who

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Safety Measure To Put In Place To Help Monitor Your At-Risk Kid

Although being able to spot when your child or teen might be committing crimes or even violent acts could be difficult to gauge, if you have noticed their behavior becoming out of control, you can start to take action by enforcing certain rules at home.

Rules and Punishments: Set ground rules for your kids. Let them know what the rules are and what the consequences are if they break the rules and that they will be enforced. You can also establish a reward system for good behavior to help encourage them to act appropriately and deter bad behavior.

Wireless Alarm System Equipment: If you need to monitor your teen’s activities, consider the advantages of a security system at home. Certain equipment, like motion detectors and door and window contacts will set off an alarm if your child is trying to sneak out of the house when they are grounded or in the middle of the night. Security cameras also offer a way for you to observe their movements throughout your home when you aren’t there. You can even view the surveillance on your mobile devices, like a smartphone or tablet.

Enforce a Curfew: Don’t let teens leave the house after a certain time and insist that they be home by a decided upon time on weekdays and weekends. Hold firm to the curfew times and just like with rules and punishments, make sure to enforce the proper punishments when curfew is broken.

By implementing these rules, which are also safety measures for their own good, you will be able to monitor your teen’s activities more thoroughly and teach them valuable lessons about respecting rules and learning through consequences.

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The Most Heinous Juvenile Detention Centers Currently In Operation

Juvenile detention centers are a place where kids go if they commit a crime before they reach the age of adulthood. In most areas of the country, a juvenile is often under the age of 18. Juvenile crime is a problem in many large cities. Law enforcement agencies and the court system work hard to keep juvenile crime to a minimum. Juvenile detention centers are operated all over the country. Most of these centers are operated by the county. There are over 1,200 detention centers located in America. Some of the most heinous juvenile detention centers currently operate out of Iraq.


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Instances When Children Team Up Against Adults Using Violence

Violent crimes committed by adults have a devastating impact on our society. However, when children and teenagers exercise acts of violence, the suffering goes much deeper. Unfortunately, the increase in violent crime throughout our nation has affected our children as well. Society generally expects children to be innocent and harmless, but, in reality, they are capable of as much violence as anyone. When these violent or emotional unstable children act as a group, the consequences become even more severe.

Although most violent crimes

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Telltale Clues That A Teenager Is Plotting Murder

Telltale Clues That A Teenager Is Plotting Murder

Teenagers are emotionally unpredictable, but there are a few telltale signs that a child is unstable. These three main signs include behavioral clues, verbal indicators and social signs. All three of these signs can lead to discovering that a teenager is plotting a murder.

1. Behavioral Signs
Behavioral signs are the number one indicator for teenage murder plots. In this fashion, a teen will demonstrate their anger, aggression and angst in unconventional ways. You

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A List Of The Most Infamous Underage Murderers

On April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School, two gunmen, students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed 13 people, wounded 21, and then killed themselves. Eric was 18, but Dylan was only 17 years old.

On August 2, 1993, 13 year old Eric Smith lured 4 year old Derrick Robie into the woods in New York. He beat him and mutilated his body. He has been denied parole six times, the most recent being May 2012.

James Bulger, 2, of England, was murdered on February 12, 1993 by Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both 10. They abducted James from a mall, tortured, and killed him, leaving his

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The Worst Crimes Ever Committed By Juvenile Offenders

Some of the most fascinating and heinous crimes were actually committed by juveniles. One of the reasons people are so fascinated with these cases is because of the violent offenders being so young. Many people wonder if they were born evil or if it was something inside of them that made them snap and turn into vicious criminal offenders. People find it both amazing yet scary that some children have been able to carefully plan and execute murders and horrific crimes throughout the decades.

Perhaps one of

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